Chico Rebels' primary purpose is to teach and promote the game of Lacrosse in a fun, safe, and sportsmanlike environment. Chico Rebels is dedicated to the skill development of lacrosse players and teaches a game of speed, position, and finesse.

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Q: Who do I contact about registering my child for the Chico Rebels Lacrosse?
A: Contact any board member and they will assist you with your child’s registration.
Q: When does the Chico Rebels Lacrosse season start?  When does it end? 
A: Traditionally team practices start the last few weeks each January. Tournament and league games begin in February through the middle of May each year.
Q: What athletic league is the Chico Rebels affiliated with?
A: Chico Rebels are affiliated with the Northern California Junior Lacrosse Association.
Q: What is Laxapolooza?
A: Laxapolooza is the Chico Rebels Lacrosse Club’s annual season preview event, as seen on local TV news.   Lacrosse vendors such Sling It Lacrosse attend, along with team representatives, coaches, board members, alumni and Chico State lacrosse team members. All current and future players are encouraged to attend.
Q: How do I contact the Board of Directors?
A: Email board members by clicking on this
Q: How do I volunteer my time to the Chico Rebels Lacrosse Club?
A: Here is the link to the volunteer page so that you can inform the club of your willingness to help grow the organization.
Q: What equipment will my child need in order to play lacrosse? 
A: You can find a complete list of equipment needs for boys here and for girls here.  Please contact the respective coach listed on the Team Contacts tab for any further questions.
Q: How do I contribute to the organization?
A:  You can volunteer or become a sponsor.  You can send your check or donation to: Chico Rebels Lacrosse, Donations, 1692 Mangrove Avenue #268, Chico CA 95926
Q: When is your next Board of Director’s meeting?
A: Board meetings are held each month.  We are working to place the next scheduled Board of Director’s meeting and location on our events calendar.